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I’m a self taught programmer and designer. When I was going to school they didn’t have any degrees in web mastering. I think it makes me a better programmer because I had to learn to solve my own problems. I didn’t have the luxury of walking down the hall or asking the guy in the cubicle next to me what the answer to my problem was. I had to strain, research, try something else out. Then, do it all again until I found a solution.

Later, after I got my confidence up because of all my trouble shooting, I went off to attain some certifications to prove to the world I knew what I was talking about. But guess what? I already knew what I was talking about.

In case this impresses you, here are my certifications:

Certified Internet Webmaster Associaate

Certified Internet Webmaster Professional

Certified Internet Webmaster Master Designer

Comptia A+ Certified