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Recommend Tools & Resources


Slicehost: super great and you can configure all kinds of stuff just the way you want it. Bomb diggity

Hostgator: if you need reseller hosting account, go with these guys.

Online Software
Email Newsletter Manager: If you need a way to send email newsletters that’s super simple and is made for marketer’s, then this is the service you need. They have templates. They have analytics. They have auto-responders. They have one of the highest deliverability rates in the industry.

TurstGuard: Trust seals increase conversions a LOT of times. Maybe not across the board but it’s definitely worth testing for sure.

Survey Analyzer: A great tool that you can use to take surveys & automatically analyze all the words that people are typing to you. Now you have all the stuff you need to write effective ads completely customized to your market.

FoxyCart: This is the only solution for a slick looking, shopping cart that fits seamlessly with ModX.

Site Scan: Basically, it’s a Google Analytics help, setup, & configuration tool. One fine use of this tool is if you ever have to do some cross domain Google Analytics tracking (ie 1ShoppingCart, FoxyCart, any hosted shopping cart), you can run a test to make sure you have it all set up correctly.

Visitor Screen Recordings: This nifty little tool captures screen recordings of your visitors using your site so you can see what’s up. It also tracks conversions and does some other nifty things. Pretty darn cool all in all.

Protect AmazonS3 Files from being Downloaded: nice little tool that works. There’s even a WordPress plugin

Membership Software: This is the stuff I use on all my membership sites. It’s simple but powerful, easy to set up, and has all the features you’ll need including an affiliate program.

Membership Software for WordPress: Want to run a member community with WordPress driving the whole thing, this is a total integration solution that makes things drop dead simple.

Marketing System that kicks butt:

Infusionsoft Demo 468x60

PC Software That Works
Easy Video Blogging: If you want an super easy way to automatically scour the internet for videos based on your keywords, choose which ones are relevant, drag-n-drop onto your blog or website. It’s does all the technical stuff for you and you can then appear like you’ve done all the work for your user. Be the hero and deliver good information all in one. It doesn’t get any better than that. Coopy & paste video blogging (or, just adding video to your website).

Search Engine Optimization Software: Software that has essential tools for search engine optimization, including but not limited to: discover how any page ranks in the search engines, find 100s that rank in your market, find super-affiliates who would promote your product, show which partners are linking back to you, show all your back links in Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Alltheweb, see which pages the search engines have indexed, find which sites competitors are advertising on, etc.

Semi-Automatic Directory Submission Software: This is a good way to get a bunch of directories to link to you without having a visit a ton of them, surfing to find your category, filling out all your info and then clicking submit. This is not a spam tool. It’s useful because getting links from directories will help with your Yahoo & MSN rank.

Install Multiple Versions of IE on the Same Machine: You can’t test them all but with this awesome little exploit of DLL hell you can have all versions of IE on your machine at the same time and it won’t crash it. Just install and then choose which version you want to see your design it. Useful as hell when testing.

Mac Software That’s Useful as Hell

S3Hub (Amazon S3 Client): This is the absolute best one out there for the Mac. I’ve tried at least 10 different ones ranging from command line, to PC, to Mac & this one takes the cake. It’s fast. It’s pretty. It’s easy to use. And, it gets out my way so I can get the job done.

Guides Worth Reading
Social Media Super Guide: Written by a guy who lives on the edge of social media, does constant experimenting, and makes it a priority to deliver high quality, tested and proven results.

Websites with Tools That Kick Ass