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Interpreting this facial expression correctly (as a „baffled” expression) is very difficult based on this photo alone. When showing the corresponding video sequence, however, recognition becomes easy, which underlines the importance of the temporal dimension for effective communication.

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen, Germany, found out that we are able to recognize facial expressions in motion — for example in a movie — far better than in a static photograph. The video sequence needs to be at least as long as one tenth of a second to gain this dynamic advantage.

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Bottom line for marketers here is that if you aren’t using video marketing in your marketing strategy, you’re losing out. It doesn’t have to be golden produced video for it to communicate however so don’t go talking yourself out of it before even trying. Get your butt down to the Best Buy and pick up  The Flip Mino HD and you’re good to god. If you suck at improving, write a script out that describes the problem the user is having and then solve it for them. Then, mention you have a product or service that makes it easier.

And most of all, be genuine. Don’t try to be a TV commercial. You’re not. That’s good. USE that. Keep it real. 😉

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