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Great little article that talks about predications in 2010 on local SEO. I think he’s right on a lot of stuff and this is gonna be one of the biggest in my humble opinion:

Reputation Management Wars
It seems like everybody’s working on a reputation management system to help SMBs get a handle on how they are being presented on relevant sites across the Web. Merchant Circle, Marchex, GetListed, Palore have all either rolled out or announced efforts in this area.  Expect to see big publishers and SMB ad sellers like ReachLocal, Webvisible, Yodle, etc. try to figure out how they can play in this space to create more value for advertisers.

I’m hoping to get an invite to Beehive personally as it looks pretty sweet. It would help me manage all my client campaigns pretty easily. Check me out if you need Phoenix SEO…or any SEO really.