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From an evolutionary perspective, it all harkens back to the skills that women used for gathering plant foods and the skills that men used for hunting meat. The contrast emerges because of the different foraging strategies for hunting and gathering used throughout human evolution.

Sex-specific strategies can be seen in the modern consumer environment


Kruger said that gathering edible plants and fungi is traditionally done by women. In modern terms, think of filling a basket by selecting one item at a time.


In modern terms, women are much more likely than men to know when a specific type of item will go on sale. Women also spend much more time choosing the perfect fabric, color and texture.

Men, on the other hand, often have a specific item in mind and want to get in, get it and get out, Kruger said. It’s critical to get meat home as quickly as possible. Taking young children isn’t safe in a hunt and would likely hinder progress.

See original article here (Male and Female Shopping Strategies Show Evolution at Work in the Mall)

Interesting to see what this study says. I wonder how it applies to online marketing however? It seems a lot of guys I know are nerds and they enjoy knowing all the little things and details about this, that, & the other. -kinda like the gatherers in the store above. They frequent places like and technorati. I wonder if there are women who do this type of stuff online too? My wife doesn’t. lol….

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