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When it comes to economic development in American cities, the trusted old theory “If you build it, they will come” may not work, a Michigan State University sociologist argues in a new study.

Conventional wisdom holds that job growth attracts people to urban areas.

But according to a study in the Journal of Urban Affairs, MSU’s Zachary Neal found the opposite to be true. Bringing the people in first — specifically, airline passengers traveling on business — leads to a fairly significant increase in jobs, he said.

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The same is true of online properties and websites. So many customers come to me and they just have really thought out their website…or really how great they think it’ll be and how much everyone will love, etc…but they haven’t really figured out or put much thought into traffic or how they’re going to spread the word. It’s almost like they just think magic will happen.

Dirty little secret: it won’t.

It’s work to get people to your site. It’s work to get them to convert. It’s work to change from what you *thought* was going to be great but now have to change/evolve/revise based on actual data.

The flexible ones win.

Call me if you need an SEO Phoenix company. I may not have room for you but I’m happy to hear you project ideas and give you a little direction.