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If you turn on the news and you hear all this gloom & doom about the economy every single day, it’s a hard not to believe it. There are plenty of people who prospering during this time and you need to get it straight in your head so you don’t get sucked down the hole.

In spite of that, but not in opposition to, you might have to cut something from your business because everyone else is running around in scarcity mode. 

Here are 2 things you absolutely, positively DON’T want to cut:

  • Don’t cut marketing
  • Don’t cut key employees
I’d be willing to be that those 2 things are keeping you alive at the moment and those are also the 2 things that will take you to the next level. Cutting them now would be a drastic mistake that could put your small business under.
Watch your analytics and keep close eye of your metrics when you do your marketing. Know that when you spend money on your marketing it will come back to you. 
Keep those key employees around because they’re the ones helping the ship stay afloat and servicing all the new business the marketing is bringing in.