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The key may lie in the motivation of Internet users to email that content to their social network, say researchers from Ryerson University and Simon Fraser University.


They studied what they call ‘e-mavens’, people who spend a lot of time online, know intuitively what the next big idea is and spread marketplace information via electronic platforms, such as email.


Dempsey and Ho identified four potential motivations that may guide an e-maven’s behaviour. First, the need to be part of a group. Second, the need to be individualistic and stand out from a crowd. Third, the need to be altruistic and fourth, the need for personal growth.

See original story here (Advertising Message Gone Viral? Thank Altruistic, Yet Image-Conscious Internet ‘E-Mavens’)

Yep. And, the best way to grow your campaign is to figure out what would work for spreading type purposes and then keep a running list of these “e-mavens”. Now you know what works and they can feel ‘in the know’ as well.

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