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“Our natural inclination is to avoid — or try to avoid — anything immediately aversive even though it may be beneficial for us in the long term,” write authors Aparna A. Labroo (University of Chicago) and Jesper Nielsen (University of Arizona). “But to what extent might our natural avoidance of such activities and outcomes be reinforcing our dislike of things that are good for us but difficult to stomach?”

Approaching pleasure and avoiding pain are fundamental human behaviors, but the authors argue that people also subconsciously reverse this relationship: “We tend to infer that something is good based on the bodily sensation of approaching it or bad based on the sensation of avoiding it.”

Pretty cool information from this study. We’re always taught in marketing pleasure vs pain and that pain is always more of a hot button (in general). Driving your customer to either is more useful than to leave them sitting on the fence however. What can be really useful for you is to really pay attention to your business with regard to this and see if you can sculpt that experience in their favor…and ultimately yours. How *do* people feel when they approach your product or service? That answer plus actionable information could grow your business.

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