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Image via CrunchBase has an interesting post about Facebook friends and your brain:

Ever heard of Dunbar’s Number? According to British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, it’s the cognitive limit to the number of people you can be friends with. The number is 150, meaning your brain can only handle that many friends, and — shockingly enough — it also applies to Facebook.

When I read about this stuff, it always brings me a back to that Malcom Gladwell book. I think they even borrow some examples from his book as well. Either way, it’s still pretty cool to see Dunbar’s stuff getting applied in a social media situation since that’s all the rage nowadays with internet marketing types.

Of course, you can still use a Fan Page or Group on Facebook to grow your business if you know what you’re doing. Even it you don’t, just create one and invite a few people. It can’t hurt and it’s free. Or, if you want to have someone from our company help you out, check out our Phoenix search engine optimization here.