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Robert East, Professor of Consumer Behaviour at Kingston Business School, said it made financial sense for firms to encourage complaints because it helped them to improve their goods and services and could even lead to increased sales.

His review of the latest trends, called ‘Analysing Customer Complaining’, commissioned by the Institute of Customer Service, found that companies who are adept at monitoring customer satisfaction and are able to put things right can repair the damage, especially as vocal critics are often keen to make positive comments too.

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Well, this guy has a point. Often, people don’t speak up when they’re happy or just slightly unhappy. It’s always the people with hot tempers who start running their mouths and it’s sometimes hard to take them seriously with all that yelling.

The part about them using negative word of mouth and coverting them to positive word of mouth customers is an awesome idea. Yeah, hearing customer complaints and taking them to the bank is obvious. But getting them to turn the corner and be your evangelists of sorts is a GREAT idea.

Check out his 3 point checklist on how to do this right.

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