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providing consumers with a very small or even trivial immediate benefit encourages people to use products that may have more significant long-term advantages. Her research may offer the key to getting kids to wear their seatbelts and encourage adults to use sunscreen.

Using the technique in field experiments on about 300 people, the researchers were able to get more subjects to use so-called “virtue products” like dental floss and sunscreen on a daily basis.

Dr. Ein-Gar says that if companies, health authorities and parents offer an immediate benefit, no matter how small, that may have a long-term advantage and lead to more success in continued use. It shouldn’t be that expensive either: in one test case, the facial sunscreen lotion, a 3% increase in manufacturing cost led to a more than 30% increase in average daily use.

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“Virtue products” ARE hard to sell. I don’t know this scientifically BUT I’d be willing to bet this has a lot to do with that chemical that humans secrete in their heads when they’re buying stuff. And, the drain of that chemical soon thereafter that can sometime lead to buyer’s remorse. Sticking a little immediate benefit-laden gifty gift in here obviously works. If it does and can bring your bottom line up, all the better. What can you do to capitalize in this knowledge and your business?

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