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I’ve been using ZenDesk for a quite a while now and really enjoyed it. They kinda decided to beat up on their customers by changing pricing and there has been a lot of flack in the community for it. Since I just recently finished a bunch of research on what types of help desk software is out that that’s worth anything at all, I thought I’d pass my list along to anyone who is currently figuring out what type of helpdesk software they’re going to use:

ZenDesk– reinventing how companies support & engage customers. Has an iPhone app -pretty cool.

Vision Help Desk– kinda hard to take them seriously with a site design like that but seems like a pretty good product nonetheless. I really like the GoogleApps integration & the migration tool coming from other help desk software and discount for doing it!

Tender Support– These guys look they really understand simplicity. Probably the closest in look-n-feel compared to Zendesk. Kinda looking forward to the trial myself.

HelpSpot– Beyond efficiency is their slogan. Not sure what to make of that but this thing seriously looks like a tricked out help desk support suite. Looks like you can integrate this thing with just about anything out there.

TeamSupport– Support software that lets your team work together. I like pretty interfaces and this one seems like it has that. I kinda want support to “feel” good, so customer don’t hate you when they’re going through it. Most support systems “feel” like death.

Kayako– Speaking of support desk that have a bad “feel” and look like they’re left over designs from the 90s, this one is it. However, it must be pretty cool to someone in some way because I see this thing darn near everywhere! Why? Don’t know….

Cerberus– These guys just seems like really cool developers. Just reading through the text and how they put everything up on GitHub is downright cool. Looks like a cool product but the user interface will probably keep me away.

Yes, I know there are a few other help desk systems but I’m just being opinionated and showing you the ones I thought were cool or HAD to be on the list. If you really want to chime in with your favorite help desk software for the rest of the world to see, use the comment form below.